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There Was Never A Question

With our country’s increase of measles cases in the news not too long ago, the controversy of immunizations was a topic of conversation again.  Social media buzzed with opinions – some strong, some mild, some barely identifiable.  If you’ve never been faced with the … Continue reading

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Beware the Chair

There are commercials on television, especially during midafternoon hours, that show smiling people floating around on level sidewalks in flat parks on beautiful weather days on wheelchairs that look like fun and fit them perfectly while children lovingly prance around them and … Continue reading

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Rocky Mountain High?

John Denver wrote and sang a song called Rocky Mountain High.  When it topped the charts in 1973, I was just starting high school.  I saw the meaning of the title and lyrics as they were meant, describing a feeling derived … Continue reading

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March 17th

Most of my elementary school years are a blur.  But some random things I learned are embedded deep in my brain. One such memory is an Irish jig taught to us in physical education class.   I often recounted that little dance … Continue reading

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A Simple Important Act

Most older people have collected them.  They are clipped with scissors and tucked away, often yellowed from age.  Sometimes in a scrapbook, or maybe inserted into a Bible’s pages, they show names of relatives, close or distant.  Each one represents a … Continue reading

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It’s Like A Drug-Part 3 of Adventuring

It demands my presence. When I am away front of it, it calls my name. It screams for attention. It consumes my time. It’s addictive.  Like a magician and his swinging watch, it has a hypnotic power over me. This box in front of me.  The … Continue reading

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Adventuring – Part 2, Inside

It might have been an old Batman episode. Or maybe it was an adventure movie where the good guy is trapped.  Whatever it was, the picture in my head is clear.  It’s a room with no doors.  It has two stationary … Continue reading

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