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Twisted Sister

It was a crazy name for a crazed looking band. But Twisted Sister could be a fitting name for me too. “Sit up straight”, one said.  “Focus on awareness” another one urged.  “It will make a difference long-term”, he explained.  “Concentrate”, she encouraged. … Continue reading

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The Family Bed

I adored my husband’s grandmother.  She was a walking family history book, full of interesting stories and names that went farther back in years than I could comprehend.  Love flowed from her generously…through her eyes and her smile and in … Continue reading

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I woke to the sound of light rain tinkling on the windows.  We haven’t had rain in awhile and I’d missed its sound.  It wasn’t an angry rain, it was simply and softly refreshing the ground that badly needed it.  I … Continue reading

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