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Oh Yes I Do

People have said to me “you never complain!”   I smile in response and am quick to point out that they don’t live with me.  I suggest they talk to Mr. Legs, who hears plenty of complaining.  I thank God for this man and his unwavering … Continue reading

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The Enemy Called Pride

Pride can be a good thing.  Pride motivates us to do well, become better, reach higher. Pride keeps me as independent as I can be.  It pushes me to be strong and try harder.  It keeps me exercising, eating, taking on … Continue reading

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The Circus Has Come to Town

Step right up ladies and gentlemen.  Within the walls of this circus tent are found many freakish sights known to man….outrageous phenomenons taking place right before your eyes.  Among them is the incredible Disappearing Woman.  That’s right, you will see with … Continue reading

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