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Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.


We stayed two nights at the Staybridge Suites in Overland Park in May of 2021. The accessible room we stayed in was very spacious, as you can see from the pictures below. The living/kitchen area and bedroom were open, but … Continue reading

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The Purpose of the Pouch

My mother came to visit a few months ago, and with her she brought a big box. Going through the box was an adventure of sorts. It was a curious collection of random items. There were pictures I hadn’t seen … Continue reading

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Horsing Around at a Family Reunion

While scanning, consolidating, labeling and ordering pictures on the computer, I was concentrating on recording history. I documented facts about my parents, grandparents and other ancestors. I had immersed myself in the past. However, life requires us to step out … Continue reading

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Pretty in Pink

Humble and reserved, she rarely spoke about herself or expressed an opinion. She would answer some questions about her life, although guardedly. Often, she would shrug off questions she may have considered too personal. I describe her personality to explain … Continue reading

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A Little Cupboard’s Big Life

Around 1936, when Jan was a little girl, a little play kitchen cupboard was made for her by her Uncle Eddie. Jan grew up, got married and had sons. As far as the remaining family can remember, the little cupboard … Continue reading

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An Arm or a Leg

Experiencing the death of a spouse, child, parent or other loved one can be excruciatingly painful. When a loved one dies, it can feel like a piece of you is missing. You hear people say that losing someone they love … Continue reading

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Texas Birdhouses

We lived in Texas for four years, a long time for a military family. The nice neighborhood we lived in had a lot of military families, so neighbors came and left often. I believed an exception to the transient lifestyle … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Hello

I have a friend whose body is stricken with a condition other than MS, but her struggles are similar to mine.  She made a comment once about how she and I both “must repeatedly say goodbye to body parts”. Her wording … Continue reading

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Additions and Subtractions

Inventions through the years have changed the way people live, but none as dramatic in my lifetime and for me as the internet.  The internet has added great access to information and the speed at which it is available.  What … Continue reading

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