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Oh The Irony

MS affects everyone differently,  but those  affected for a length of time usually share some of the same symptoms.  I’ve been struck by the irony and sometimes cruelty of how the common symptoms  of this condition work against each other.  … Continue reading

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Being Real

The phone rang one morning.  It was one of those rare instances when I didn’t even bother to look at what caller ID displayed.  So when I heard the voice of a long-time and much loved friend, it was a … Continue reading

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I don’t watch a lot of television other than the news.  When I do take time to watch for enjoyment, I prefer to have my eyes on something that is purely entertaining.  Spare me the gruesome murder scenes of crime shows, … Continue reading

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Hotel Accessible Rooms

At this phase of my life, I would consider a great job to be a consultant for a hotel chain or architecture firm. I have learned over time that hotels have categories of accessible rooms.  Sometimes an accessible room simply means it … Continue reading

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I wrote this many years ago as a late teen when paper was all I had.   It’s still true today as I type words on a computer screen.  With so many excellent poets out there, its rather intimidating to share … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Promoted!

I have, thus far, met with some success in my career as a disabled person. Since my MS is progressing, I seem to have successfully completed another level of INability.  I must assume I have been promoted.  To qualify for this … Continue reading

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MS Stands For….

It has been interesting to see  the different descriptions/many names of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from fellow bloggers.  I tried to keep track of who/where they came from.  Some examples are: Much Sorrow – from Karen Mucho Special   – Diana Many Surprises … Continue reading

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Copaxone Update

NOTE:  For those not familiar with multiple sclerosis (MS), there is no cure for it.  There are, however, drugs available called disease modifying drugs (DMDs) that have been shown to slow its progression (although results vary in users who have … Continue reading

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My Very Own Jewel From Janie

Not too long ago, we got together with friends.  To my surprise, Janie came in with a gift, wrapped in this lovely paper. We ate our meal and visited.  The mysterious package still sat in the room and my curiousity had … Continue reading

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