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I almost went after her. I was sitting on my scooter at the end of the checkout line of a store, minding my own business, when she came up behind me and bent over in front of me, pausing briefly to place her … Continue reading

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Back Door Friends

In the old neighborhood when I was growing up, we had back door friends.  The front door was more formal and used by those who didn’t know us well – solicitors, businessmen, and acquaintances.  But then there were back door friends … Continue reading

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Beware the Chair

There are commercials on television, especially during midafternoon hours, that show smiling people floating around on level sidewalks in flat parks on beautiful weather days on wheelchairs that look like fun and fit them perfectly while children lovingly prance around them and … Continue reading

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When you move with legs, your arms are free to hold and carry things. One of the frustrating things about using mobility equipment is that using it requires hands as well as or in place of feet.  That leaves your hands and … Continue reading

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Cowardice or Bravery?

There’s a woman I know, I’ll call her Tipsy.  Tipsy has MS too. Tipsy is very unsteady on her feet.  She shuffles across rooms moving her feet about 5 inches at a time.  In the nicest way I know how, I’ve … Continue reading

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Woman on Wheels

People said I was good at remembering names.  I enjoyed the look of surprise on people’s faces when they heard their name spoken and realized I cared about who they are. If I couldn’t remember a name, I surely recognized a face I’d … Continue reading

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Scooter Love

I’m always grateful for my zippy Shoprider scooter, but I didn’t know my dog felt the same way.  He’s never been a cuddly dog, but as he gets older and I get more frail, he sticks closer.

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REMODEL – Garage Entrance

Goal:  To get in and out of the house on wheels. WHAT WAS DONE Door from garage to kitchen was moved from the middle of the garage wall to a corner (not a small alteration).  Platform and stairs were built … Continue reading

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SPARE TIRES – Wheelin’ and Dealin’

The hurdle of using a wheelchair is a big step emotionally, but when the obstacles can (and sometimes must) be overcome, wheelchairs can help to maintain or bring back a portion of independence. Our local classifieds are full of listings for … Continue reading

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SPARE TIRES – Scootin’ Along

Scooters are my preferred wheels and I’m so grateful for the one I have. I do have a wheelchair procured through insurance, but it’s my scooter I use the most. I like having the controls in front of me. I … Continue reading

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