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Stairway – Where Did They Go?

 In my last blog post “Stairway to Heaven?” (click here to see it), I wrote about images of the  path to heaven being a stairway – a unsettling vision for someone who cannot walk.  I’m not the first to think that way.  … Continue reading

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Back Door Friends

In the old neighborhood when I was growing up, we had back door friends.  The front door was more formal and used by those who didn’t know us well – solicitors, businessmen, and acquaintances.  But then there were back door friends … Continue reading

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Beware the Chair

There are commercials on television, especially during midafternoon hours, that show smiling people floating around on level sidewalks in flat parks on beautiful weather days on wheelchairs that look like fun and fit them perfectly while children lovingly prance around them and … Continue reading

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Hotel Accessible Rooms

At this phase of my life, I would consider a great job to be a consultant for a hotel chain or architecture firm. I have learned over time that hotels have categories of accessible rooms.  Sometimes an accessible room simply means it … Continue reading

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Cowardice or Bravery?

There’s a woman I know, I’ll call her Tipsy.  Tipsy has MS too. Tipsy is very unsteady on her feet.  She shuffles across rooms moving her feet about 5 inches at a time.  In the nicest way I know how, I’ve … Continue reading

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Woman on Wheels

People said I was good at remembering names.  I enjoyed the look of surprise on people’s faces when they heard their name spoken and realized I cared about who they are. If I couldn’t remember a name, I surely recognized a face I’d … Continue reading

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Against My Own Advice – Update

Awhile back, I blogged about buying a used wheelchair.  I’m happy to report that new batteries were purchased, and it works very well.   Mr. Legs cleaned it up too and it looks new. Batteries Plus is a great place.  Mr. … Continue reading

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Against My Own Advice….

I wouldn’t recommend it.  I’d even warn against it.  In fact, I believe I have warned against it.  But I did it. Our city has a local classifieds website that I have been known to browse and that is where the … Continue reading

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In a Group of Ten, There Might Be One of Them

Maybe less.  I don’t know, maybe the rest can’t see it or don’t want to see it or don’t care if they see it.  But some people do have extraordinary eyesight, or perhaps perception is a better word.  Like reading between … Continue reading

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Sidewalk and Deck

Two years before our major remodel, we had a sidewalk put in and expanded the deck.  This provided access to the walk-out basement. The yard has a small retaining wall that had to be considered when putting in the sidewalk, … Continue reading

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