Bringing the Outside In

My home is a great place to be.  It’s filled with memories of my kids growing up and good times with relatives and friends.  It was redesigned and rebuilt for accessibility a few years ago.  It maintains a steady temperature, is decorated nicely and has comfortable furniture.  It holds a multitude of things to entertain me and food to satisfy me.


Even so, I am drawn to be outside and away from my home at times.  I hunger to be among other people and feel the sun on my face.  Our home has a generous deck and a sidewalk that leads to the walk-out basement.  When I am able to be outside, I enjoy those spaces.  I am limited to certain areas of the yard because there are places that aren’t suitable for wheels to roll.  I miss walking around the house, seeing those areas that I used to maintain and inspecting the condition of the house exterior and landscaping.

While I could still traverse the terrain but knew the time was coming when I could not, I showed Mr. Legs how to maintain certain plants and flowers in the landscaping.  The time spent doing that and finding the words to explain how to cut, trim , etc. was to my great advantage.  While we don’t live in an extravagant home or have a large yard, what we own is more than sufficient, pleasant to look at and well-maintained.  The landscaping done by the previous owner was well thought out and has remained aesthetically pleasing for many years.  There are daffodils and tulips that come up in the spring, peony bushes, lillies, a clematis vine near the mailbox, rose bushes, a holly bush, well-groomed evergreen  bushes and a nice tree.  We planted day lilies and lilies of the valley.

peony bushes3 peony bushes2

front planter2 daylillies 5-09

mailbox - newly landscaped

I might have mentioned that I missed being able to cut flowers to bring in.  Mr. Legs now watches the flowers in our yard closely to know when they are ready, cuts them the correct way, brings them inside and finds the perfect vase for them. I am overjoyed when that happens.  Countless times I have turned around to see him walk in with a flower from a peony bush or a few sprigs from the lily of the valley plants.  Our rose bushes produce in spurts.  He cuts them back at the right time and when they grow back, they delight us again with colorful reminders that God grows flowers among the thorns.

Here’s what I’ve been finding lately.

IMG_5342 (2) IMG_5359 (2)x


Every few days as the old ones start to drop petals, new ones appear in the vase.  The man who loves me carefully times their appearance in the kitchen.  I appreciate that thoughtfulness and still being able to enjoy the flowers up close.

We meet friends at places I can get into easily, but often it’s easiest to meet here – either way I’m able to have some social time.  Lots of restaurants offer take-out or delivery.  Even some pharmacies and grocery stores offer a home delivery service. Online shopping is a breeze and another way to work around the limitations life has brought.

It’s nice that when I can’t get out, there are ways to bring the outside in!

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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6 Responses to Bringing the Outside In

  1. chmjr2 says:

    You have very beautiful flowers. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. as much as i try to get beyond it, i still cannot feel cheated out of those things i’ve lost. i live on a small 4 acres of forest that i can now only look at – very frustrating. i essentially cannot get out of the house without assistance. thanks for your thoughts!

  3. What beautiful roses, and I love your blog. Your many family photos (LOVE THEM) and your personal experiences with MS is just what others with MS crave, Every life with MS is unique. You are clearly living WELL with MS. I have added you to my blogs, “Best of MS Blogs.” Thank YOU for sharing. I had a dear friend her swore by Ampyra, until she said it stopped helping. I hope your benefits last long! Your family looks much like mine, coloring and such. I just LOVE old pix! Thx.

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