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10 Things to Know Before Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Now that we have had our modified minivan for a number of months, we made a list of things that may be helpful for others to know before making a similar purchase.   We share the information not to influence a … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors

No, I did not climb a mountain, traverse a nature trail, raft the rapids, or fly fish in frigid waters.  I simply left the house. Leaving the house is a pretty big deal for me.  The length of time between … Continue reading

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Hotel Accessibility Review – Hampton Inn

We stayed at the Hampton Inn St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri for two nights.  We had reserved a block of rooms for an event.  The sales manager who coordinated our block of rooms was delightful to work with and very helpful … Continue reading

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I almost went after her. I was sitting on my scooter at the end of the checkout line of a store, minding my own business, when she came up behind me and bent over in front of me, pausing briefly to place her … Continue reading

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Hotel Accessible Rooms

At this phase of my life, I would consider a great job to be a consultant for a hotel chain or architecture firm. I have learned over time that hotels have categories of accessible rooms.  Sometimes an accessible room simply means it … Continue reading

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Hotel Review

Last weekend, we stayed at the Best Western hotel in Manhattan Kansas.  It was a tastefully decorated, comfortable and friendly place.  We had an enjoyable stay there. This picture is from the hotel’s website. It shows the easy, level entrance to … Continue reading

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Before Hiring Someone to Start A Project

Owning three homes over the years and planning some extensive projects have put some experience behind me  and taught me some valuable things.   While I am by no means an expert on home owning or improvement, I humbly offer the … Continue reading

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Bringing the Outside In

My home is a great place to be.  It’s filled with memories of my kids growing up and good times with relatives and friends.  It was redesigned and rebuilt for accessibility a few years ago.  It maintains a steady temperature, is … Continue reading

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Rollator Love

After posting pictures of my dog and scooter, I was reminded of a moment captured when I used my rollator more often. He’s not allowed on the furniture, but he gets as close as he can.  A lot of the … Continue reading

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Who Designs This Stuff?

Today, we start a new category.   This subject may frustrate you or humor you.  Some of you will relate to my experiences.  I used to love to travel….when my legs did as they were told.  I still appreciate being able to go … Continue reading

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