REMODEL – Living Room and Two Bedrooms

Take another look at the before and after floor plan, paying attention to bedroom closets.  Sure seems like they were an afterthought to the original plan or maybe some desired floorplan was altered.  Who knows?

Image (2) Image (4)

Before and after pictures of the closet removal from the living room:

50 BEFORE - living room wall51 AFTER - living room bigger

The space gained in the living room is significant when it comes to fitting and arranging furniture.

Removing the old closet from the other bedroom provided more space in the kitchen and a better shaped bedroom.  Closet was relocated.


70 BEFORE - Bed2 to hallway 71 BEFORE - shows odd wall in Bedroom #2


72 AFTER shows straight wall

Bedroom was opened up to new closet and bathroom (adapted from old master bath).

Dividing old master bath:

Master bath, half gone2 - Nov 8, 2010 Master bath, half gone3- Nov 8, 2010

Two new door openings in bedroom wall:

Jasons bedroom, hole in the wall - Nov 10, 2010 Jasons room, new bath - 17Nov10 Jasons room, start closet - 15Nov10 Master bath, closet starting - Nov 10, 2010

Bedroom now has a new closet and its own full bath.

74 AFTER wall

Since kitchen got two updated fans, the ceiling fan previously in the kitchen was relocated to a Bedroom and smaller fan was purchased for other bedroom, so now all three upstairs bedrooms have fans.

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2 Responses to REMODEL – Living Room and Two Bedrooms

  1. Susan says:

    You didn’t mention anything about fixing or relocating your lighting for the bedrooms and the living room. When I re-did my old home, because of the space changes I had to re-do my lighting. Good thing I still had access to They were the guys who helped me out.

    • Thank you for viewing my post and for your relevant comment. Not mentioning lighting was indeed an oversight. It seemed so minimal in light of moving walls. (Puns intended 😉 )

      We replaced both bedroom ceiling lights with combination fans/lights. In the living room, the light that was in the closet (closet space became part of the living room) was easily changed to a recessed light to match an existing ceiling light on the same side of the room.

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