On Fire


There are stories about knights slaying fire breathing dragons.  They usually also involve a castle, a princess and a villain. 

In my story there’s a villain called MS and a knight called Mr. Legs (my husband) who solicits a friendly dragon to fire up my typing ability.  I’m no princess, but I used to type over 100 words per minute.  Seriously, I was fast.  My fingers flew across the keyboard and I enjoyed being good at it. After the villain attacked my hands some, I was typing slower.  Then slower….and even slower.  Over time, I went from using ten fingers to using only two fingers….and then that was reduced to one. It’s difficult to put thoughts onto a page before they evaporate when tapping on the keyboard is so greatly slowed. 

Frustrated, I thought there must be a way to overcome this.  It finally occurred to me that voice recognition software was an answer to the problem!  I should have thought about it much earlier but I’m used to adjusting to new limitations so I often make-do with situations I’m in. Christmas wasn’t too far away and I didn’t have anything on my list of things to ask for. This was definitely something I could use. I asked for it and on Christmas morning it was unwrapped. My personal computer guru, Mr. Legs, installed it and helped me start on the road to speaking my words onto the screen.

dragon sw

What a relief! Wonderful technology and some inventive minds created this helpful tool for me to express myself. I can now continue writing and sharing my life with whomever has the time and desire to read it. I am so grateful that almost everything on the computer is easier now.  I love seeing the Dragon’s blue flame on the screen showing it’s ready to help me.

I wish I had done this much earlier. I’m glad to have been set on fire. It is a valuable timesaver. Instead of being rescued from the dragon, I was rescued by the Dragon.  It’s great to see the words appear on the screen almost as fast as they used to.

Here we go…

Get your own friendly Dragon here.

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way. https://climbingdownhill.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to On Fire

  1. JoAnne Simon says:

    Modern day electronics of all kinds make life easier for everyone…………….so grateful this is a friendly dragon come to rescue you. Keep typing!

    • Thanks, me too! I remember my Mom insisting I take typing class in high school (long before it was keyboarding) and having that skill served me well for many years personally and professionally. My Mom is smart lady!

  2. notewords says:

    So glad the Dragon is working for you! 😉

  3. chmjr2 says:

    This is something I have thought about getting this for myself. I would be very interested in a post in a few months in how it is working out for you. That should be enough time to learn the good and bad. I never have been able to type near 100 words a minute and use the tow finger method. Some times when I really get going I even use four fingers.

  4. Charles, I can answer you now. The software is great. It even conforms to your voice and habits. A tutorial was ordered with it and I found using that a bit frustrating (too slow and I was anxious to get started), so I wouldn’t recommend spending the extra $ on it – or maybe it is better suited for someone more patient (know how you learn best and order accordingly). It comes with charts of commands – I found those more helpful and direct. They are printed small and difficult to read, but I enlarged them and can share them with you. As long as you know how the commands work, its a super time saver and well worth the money in my opinion. Remind me in a month and I’ll give you an update if you wish.

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