Proof I Existed – Part 1

Sometimes, when I look through pictures from my past, I have only vague memories of the things I’ve done.  My ability to go back and do the same things again is nonexistent, so it often seems the reality of what I’ve experienced is in question and perhaps it was someone else who lived in those times and places.  And yet, the person photographed bears an uncanny resemblance to a much younger me….so while it may be difficult to believe, it is in fact believable.  And there are times when it suits me to reminisce and therefore relive the adventures of my life.  What seemed so ordinary at the time plays like an action-packed movie in my mind now.  Because it seems so distant, I play as my own “double” in my personal adventure film, a featured character in my own life show.

While traveling in my time machine (photo albums), I marvel at the places I have been.  For most of my years, my legs have served me very well.  I likely would have been content to stay in the same location all my life, but I met and fell in love with a man worth following around to places I had never imagined being.  As fortune would have it, instead of waiting for financial stability and the time of retirement years to travel and see the world as most people do, I had many opportunities to explore my surroundings in the places life took me during my younger days.  If instead I had I dreamed of seeing the world later in life, that dream would not have been realized.  While the adjustments of being newly married and far from home were not easy, I am filled with memories of real experiences instead of unrealized dreams.

Two days after our wedding, I boarded a plane with my new husband and we headed across the ocean to begin our life together.  There we were in the middle of Europe – young, able and eager to explore.   My husband worked long hours at his demanding job, but was rewarded with occasional long weekends and time off for traveling was often approved.  I secured a job, but was given some flexibility for traveling as well.  We also had available a travel company that catered to those like us offering bus trips to here, there and almost everywhere.  We took day trips and weekend trips together and longer trips when family and friends came to visit.   It all seemed so routine while we were living it.

I recall a moment years after we returned  when I was leafing through National Geographic  magazines and I suddenly realized how many of its featured places I had been to and  attractions I had seen.  So come along with me as I journey back to the  places I’ve been and the beauty I’ve seen.

Here is a view of the German countryside.


Castle ruins along the Rhine River on an overcast day.

11- castle ruins along the Rhine River in Germany

Castle ruins in German landscape.

6- castle scene 7- castle

At a lake near castle ruins.


Obviously, we loved finding and exploring castle ruins. You have to wonder what these places looked like in their prime.

9- castle ruins 10- Castle ruins

Storytelling clock tower at the courthouse in Rothenberg, Germany.

12- Clock in Rothenburg Germany

Magnificent clock tower in Munich, Germany.

13- Courthouse clock in Munich Germany

View across a river in downtown Nurnberg.

across river

Falconhof Germany. On one of our Saturday excursions, we happened upon on a wild bird show where everyone stood in a circle and the birds would fly just above our heads between trainers. It was scary and wonderfully beautiful.

23- Rosenberg Falconhof

A tethered bird on a sculpted stone wall at Falconhof.

tethered bird

Tethered, yet intimidating, buzzards at Falconhof.

25- Rosenberg Falconhof 3

Blown away by the view in the Black Forest of Germany.

14- Black Forest Germany

Typical flower boxes on a German building. You have to wonder who waters all of these!…and how long it takes!

2- German house

More shared adventures coming next time.

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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2 Responses to Proof I Existed – Part 1

  1. Given Breath says:

    I love this post! Thanks for the amazing pictures. Falconhof….what a memory!

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