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Tucked away at our house, in a safe place with other important items, are two rolls of nickels.  They are wrapped in the paper sleeves that people use to roll coins themselves. On those paper wrappings is handwritten “1958”. Upon … Continue reading

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Moments in Time – Wheels

I remember the excitement of getting that bicycle.  It was brand new and just for me.  It took some time to feel comfortable on it, but it provided fun and freedom. Looking at that picture, I remembered other photos of … Continue reading

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Furry Friends – Part 2, Who’s Here?

Although there were definitely some unhappy endings (see Furry Friends-Part 1), I always had a pet while growing up.  For short amounts of time during his childhood, Mr. Legs had lizards and mice but he was not used to dogs or cats so he … Continue reading

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Furry Friends – Part 1

I saw it was National Dog Day last week.  I have what I think are interesting pet stories, so I wrote them for my kids.  Hope you’ll find them interesting too. I loved having pets while I was growing up.  … Continue reading

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Starting your Family History Record

There are lots of ways to record family history and begin your life story. It makes sense to start with information about yourself.  Then make a list of relatives you know.  Next to names, put any information you know about them.  … Continue reading

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Bitten By Nostalgia

I’ve been thinking a lot about my Great Aunt Freda lately.  It feels like Aunt Freda is as much a part of me as my pinkie finger.  I don’t think of it every minute, but I know the memories are … Continue reading

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My Diagnosis Story – Part 2

Twenty-eight years ago, I was given the jolting news that I likely had multiple sclerosis. My imagination raced and practicality brought me to a place of concern. Being in my first months of my first pregnancy, I had been excited and … Continue reading

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My Diagnosis Story – Part 1

Almost everyone with MS has one.  I thought it was time to share mine.  A fellow blogger suggested we not dwell on the past, but understanding the past helps us process the present and cope with the future.   So, here it is… … Continue reading

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

Those younger than me likely don’t remember the older company home parties – the first ones to use the genious marketing strategy of selling items in private residences.  The names have changed, but they’re still around today because some good ideas last.  A hostess … Continue reading

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Why Bad Things Happen – Part 4, Professor

Looking for answers to the question “why did this bad thing happen to me?”  Part 4 is another story to consider. The Professor ‘Let me explain the problem science has with religion. ‘The atheist professor of philosophy pauses before his … Continue reading

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