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Facebook Flames

Social media can be a minefield. That’s exactly what it was when I saw the entry of a friend there. We’ll call her Diana. Diana could be very kind, but she also clearly had anger issues that were made apparent … Continue reading

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The Enemy Called Guilt

Helping or hurting?  While raising my kids, I asked them that question as a way of getting them to think about how their words and/or actions affected the people or the situation around them.  Repeating that question over time enhanced my own sensitivity to … Continue reading

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Practically Speaking

Experiencing the effects of a progressive illness is a humbling journey.  There are a great many tasks that become too difficult to do and attempting to do them creates more frustration than the end result is worth (especially when flubbing requires time and             effort … Continue reading

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This is WAR!

Like a war for valuable territory, MS has created a power struggle in me that wages war while the enemy battles to gain territory and change the borders of my being claiming acreage inch by inch on my physical abilities. … Continue reading

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