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Hotel Accessible Rooms

At this phase of my life, I would consider a great job to be a consultant for a hotel chain or architecture firm. I have learned over time that hotels have categories of accessible rooms.  Sometimes an accessible room simply means it … Continue reading

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Last weekend, we stayed at the Best Western hotel in Manhattan Kansas.  It was a tastefully decorated, comfortable and friendly place.  We had an enjoyable stay there. This picture is from the hotel’s website. It shows the easy, level entrance to … Continue reading

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Before Hiring Someone to Start A Project

Owning three homes over the years and planning some extensive projects have put some experience behind me  and taught me some valuable things.   While I am by no means an expert on home owning or improvement, I humbly offer the … Continue reading

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Bringing the Outside In

My home is a great place to be.  It’s filled with memories of my kids growing up and good times with relatives and friends.  It was redesigned and rebuilt for accessibility a few years ago.  It maintains a steady temperature, is … Continue reading

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Rollator Love

After posting pictures of my dog and scooter, I was reminded of a moment captured when I used my rollator more often. He’s not allowed on the furniture, but he gets as close as he can.  A lot of the … Continue reading

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Who Designs This Stuff?

Today, we start a new category.   This subject may frustrate you or humor you.  Some of you will relate to my experiences.  I used to love to travel….when my legs did as they were told.  I still appreciate being able to go … Continue reading

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Accessibility Recommendations When Building

This is the basic list I started with for our remodel.  I copied and pasted it from a website, but didn’t record the internet address so cannot reference it.  It’s a good starting point for any project. ACCESSIBILITY RECOMMENDATIONS WHEN BUILDING  … Continue reading

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Traveling With Accessories

We spent a week away visiting family.   I didn’t plan very well for packing; but really, who wants to spend the short hours of life thinking about such things?  It would have been wise to make a carefully thought-out list … Continue reading

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Remodel – Tax Deductions

Using tax deductions from the cost of your remodel requires good planning and record keeping. During our planning stage, I found a list of accessibility changes which are tax deductible.  The full publication can be found at: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p502.pdf The list included the … Continue reading

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Remodel Recap

One of the reasons this blog was started was to share my experience in remodeling for accessibility.  Because they were some of my first posts, they are now rather buried.  In an attempt to resurrect them, I am posting a general … Continue reading

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