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Monkey Business

There is an awful lot of bad news in the world today. Nature brings droughts, floods, fires and earthquakes.  People commit thefts, assaults and murders.  But here and there, in at least the same proportions, you can find good in the world through … Continue reading

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Fond Memories

While growing up, I lived with my family in a great neighborhood in a friendly midwestern town.  The residential area and the houses in it were new. Mostly young families, those who lived there had small children so there was no … Continue reading

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The Enemy Called Pride

Pride can be a good thing.  Pride motivates us to do well, become better, reach higher. Pride keeps me as independent as I can be.  It pushes me to be strong and try harder.  It keeps me exercising, eating, taking on … Continue reading

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Pieces of Love – Part 1

It’s good to be informed, but watching too much world news can cast a shadow on everyday life. When things seem dismal around the world or even just in my corner of the world, it’s nice to have good things to … Continue reading

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Sometimes Love is Made of Wood

No matter who you are, or whether you can accept, it’s nice to be invited somewhere. Mr. Legs and I open our home as much as we can, inviting family and friends for a visit, a meal, dessert, a special beverage, or games and snacks. We … Continue reading

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Being Real

The phone rang one morning.  It was one of those rare instances when I didn’t even bother to look at what caller ID displayed.  So when I heard the voice of a long-time and much loved friend, it was a … Continue reading

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The Jeweled World of Janie – Part 1

My friend Janie and her husband moved here about a year ago after living more than a few places around the globe.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know her.  She’s witty and pleasant.  Janie is one of those people who can flexibly … Continue reading

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Practically Speaking

Experiencing the effects of a progressive illness is a humbling journey.  There are a great many tasks that become too difficult to do and attempting to do them creates more frustration than the end result is worth (especially when flubbing requires time and             effort … Continue reading

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He Suffered a….

…stroke.  He wasn’t even 50 years old yet. I remember when they moved in to the other side of the duplex in our military housing unit many years ago.  They were great people.  He was a pediatric nurse practitioner and … Continue reading

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