The Dangers of Decorating


We bought a happy-looking spring wreath for our front door this year.








I thought it complemented the daffodils that greet us in the spring.








The door is set back because of the front porch and stairs in front of it, so we certainly weren’t expecting the artificial wreath to attract living things…but attract them it did.








I wasn’t the only one who thought the forsythia branches looked real.  Someone or something was targeting them. 

The branches on the wreath had been pulled on and out in numerous places, leaving it with a wild bed-head kind of look.  Mr. Legs found pieces of the wreath on the porch showing a path leading to the large evergreen bushes nearby.  Soon after that was noticed, I started hearing chirping sounds coming through the door.  I certainly didn’t want to continue misleading the birds, nor did I want the wreath further damaged.  I would open the door a slight bit, then close it loudly, sending a message to the birds that our door was not a good place to find supplies for their nests.  Eventually, the chirping stopped and we were glad the birds had made other arrangements. 

We had many compliments on the wreath, so we left it up all summer.  Temperatures are lowering now, as we are moving into fall.  The wreath was taken off the door to be stored for next spring, and what was discovered behind it was a big surprise.  Apparently, one bird, when it couldn’t take pieces of the wreath off of it, decided to build its nest right there in the wreath.  It wasn’t a great decision and, at some point, the nest was abandoned, leaving an egg behind.  That’s how we found it, right there in the wreath. 






The bird isn’t the only one who learned a lesson.  I guess it wasn’t a great decision to put a real looking artificial wreath on a door where a bird might be confused and build a nest,….and lose a baby.

Oh, and mud wasps also made their home in the wreath and on the door.  That settles it, no more spring wreaths! 

But it’s fall and time for a new look. 








I suppose I should watch for squirrels.


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Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 50's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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1 Response to The Dangers of Decorating

  1. Jo Simon says:

    Never heard of such a thing happening

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