Moments in Time – Swingset

I have a lot of pictures.  I have taken a lot of pictures.   I have scanned a great number of pictures that other people have taken.  I spent and do spend a lot of time looking at pictures.

Spending so much time with images from the past allows me to see them from different angles at different times. Having them on the computer allows me to move them around, changing their shape, color and direction. It has become a form of art and expression for me.  The computer and the pictures on it are my playground, and I have great fun with them.   Especially on difficult days, focusing on the past brings back the many good times in my life.

By 1986, the army had taken us to a few places so far, none of them near where I grew up or near family.  When my son was four months old, my dad flew out to meet him.  Grandfather and grandson immediately connected on a grand scale.

1987 Grandad and Rich 2 (6)

Watching my dad with my son took me back to my childhood memories at the same time as new ones were being created.  Some families live near each other and collect many moments like these, but seeing my parents with my own child was still a new experience for me.  Three generations were sharing a moment together.

Some years later when we had moved closer, the visits were more frequent.

It was the spring of 1990, and there was a chill in the air. My dad had come to visit us in a different place.  It was a three-hour drive – not that long, but it did take a will and some effort to be with us. Once there, my Dad dutifully followed the whims of his four-year-old grandson and found himself at our backyard swing set.

My dad didn’t settle for just pushing the swing from behind, he found a way to be in front and face to face with his grandson.

Swinging and Grandad (4)

After testing the boy’s strength and stability, it was time to play.  He asked the boy to give his Granddad a kiss.

1987 Grandad and Rich 2 (2)

This was not an easy task, but they kept at it.  My camera and I were persistent as well. They finally met with success.  I love the sequence here.

Swinging and Grandad (2)  1987 Grandad and Rich 2 (2)  Swinging and Grandad (3)

Laughter flowed easily that day and was contagious.  It’s a memory I cherish and I’m glad for the pictures I have that remind me of that moment in time.

Pictures remind me of many things.  I remember my own swing set that my Dad put in our backyard even more years earlier.

44a- Kerri and Patrick 3 yrs (2)

My father and my son, connected by me.  Love bridges generations.  If wealth were measured by the richness of family, and why shouldn’t it be, then I am indeed wealthy.

Life is full of golden moments in time.  Pictures capture them and allow us to relive them.

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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6 Responses to Moments in Time – Swingset

  1. Declan Groeger says:

    It is quite a gift to spot special moments in the making. Most of the time I recognise a special moment just after it has passed

  2. Gotta love a swingset. A memory maker no matter what age!
    I miss the days of playing with my boys on our swing-set or at the park.
    (Like your Dad, I always liked being in front of my kids.)
    Good fun. Thank you for sharing yours!

  3. Sandra Burns says:

    You put into words so many of the feelings I have about pictures, Kerri. I love spending time looking as ones I’ve taken, as well as those of others. Pictures help me keep my life organized! You are very good with ‘word pictures’, as well. I’m a friend of your Mom.

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