I Put A Lid On It


I have scanned a gazillion pictures.  It’s a sea of images created on our computer organized in files for easy access.  Sometimes I browse through them for fun and sometimes I’m looking for a particular one I remember.

One day as I was looking for a photo, I noticed an odd recurrence in a file of pictures of my life. At almost regular intervals, I donned a different, always unique, hat of some sort.  Combining a love of pictures and a love of her children, and with an unending desire to capture the moment, my mother created a plentiful collection of images to choose from.  Displaying them is too much me for my comfort, but I found their recurrence so funny that I’m compelled to share – awkward years and all.

Likely the earliest photo of me with my head covered is this one:

20- Kerri

But the adornment of my head was not limited to ears. Someone, somewhere, decided that head coverings were more attractive if balls of fluff were attached to them.  And so we entered an era of pompom ridiculousness.

16-Lori, Jim and Kerri Simon Nov 60 (2)  27a (2)  42b- Lori and Kerri in car

Note that even the snowman is wearing a hat.

The pompom theme continued…

stocking hat (2)  74-1970 louvered doors!

Someone must have thought “why stop at just balls of fluff, why not make hats with long lines of fluffy material?”  And so they did.

And I wore them.

42a 2- 1963 Kerri and Lori Simon with Santa (3)  fluffy hat (2)  tassle hat

And kept wearing them…

65b- 1969 Kerri65c

Pompoms and fluffy facial frames were only part of the story.

What holiday is complete without a costume?

pointy hat (2)

Sometimes they were worn happily and sometimes, well, not so happily.

79ab- 1975 Thanksgiving Day a (2)  1965 Christmas elf hat (2)

Later, I happily continued the tradition with favorite people.

172- Jul 03 with Lori Miller (2)  187- Dec 07 with Janice

IMG_4867 (5)  

1997 Art and Kerri  Image (36)

My Mom not only liked holiday hats, she actually made some.

79ad- 1972 Kerri and Lori matching jammies (2)

Don’t forget playtime.  We had such fun dressing up in my Aunt Freda’s former fashion statements in the summer.

Aunt Freda hat  44a-  Dress up (2)

And even when our heads needed more protection from the weather.

old lady hat (2)

When we grow up, dress-up is called wearing costumes.

103d3 (3)  103e2- hammer college

Yes, certain hats were made for summer.

green floppy hat   33a- Hats  63-1968

And some for fall.

39-Kerri in Aunt Freda Matthew's yard (2)

Winter weather sometimes found us in hoods.

In very cold weather, our moms dressed us in both hats and hoods.

Image (16)

Here, my cousin and I were likely trying to hear each other through our tightly wrapped ears.

1964 May

At some point, fashion meant warm hats with excess brims.

82cc- 1976 Dec Kerri and Jim Simon (2)

Obviously, I inherited my fondness for interesting hats.

82cc- 1976 Dec Kerri and Jim Simon

15d1- Art with hat and cigar  18a- Aunt Freda visits photo booth 3 (2) 

Of course, certain activities require special clothing topped with something to match.

Brownie hat  79-1974 band uniform (2)

Especially special activities/occasions.

100- 1977 Graduation Day 



132a- Betsy and Kerri (2)Hats can be international.  While at a tourist attraction in Korea, a friend and I had some fun and felt what it was like to wear traditional clothing…including hats.



When in Mexico…..or in a Mexican restaurant…a birthday sombrero is fitting.

Kerri B-Day ole - Oct 29 2008 (2)

Whenever, wherever, hats top off any occasion.  They are both fun and functional.

Enjoy life – put a lid on it!

And when you do, take a picture!

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way. https://climbingdownhill.wordpress.com
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11 Responses to I Put A Lid On It

  1. Lovely, a hat adds that special something to an occasion, doesn’t it?

  2. patbaker@stny.rr.com says:

    I am big on hats, too. Also do to my father, although later in life my mother took up the habit, so to speak. Nothing like your collection, though.

  3. chmjr2 says:

    Wonderful pictures. You had me looking through some of my old pictures.

  4. elisa ruland says:

    Oh, these are so precious. I could look at vintage photos for hours, and yours are no exception. Something about that era had parents always making sure you “kept your head warm.” Why was that? You’ve given a whole new meaning to the term head shots…maybe yours can be hat shots!

  5. You were quite the fashion queen 🙂

  6. stephen says:

    i use the long winter to scan family photo albums, and i love rediscovering old pictures. my father has extensive albums all the way back to his childhood. you might want to check out this site: http://bighappyfunhouse.com.

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