Bloomin’ Seasons

Our house sits on a modest lot in a midsize city in the Midwest. And it’s wonderful.  We are thankful for this great place we live in and the land it sits on. We are also grateful for the resources we have to make changes and improvements as time goes on.

Like our house, our yard is filled with things that are beautiful to us. Seasons come and seasons go. The space around our house is proof that our Creator’s goodness is always the same, yet always new.

When spring comes, amazing creations pop up from seemingly nowhere to fill our eyes with God’s wonders. Every year, we greet their appearance with delight.

Two falls ago, after we had some landscaping done, Mr. Legs planted a pile of bulbs within it’s new walls.  I had picked out both daffodil and tulip choices.  Last spring they all popped up, adorning our front yard with splashes of color.

4-12-14b (2)  IMG_0846 (2)



This spring, the daffodils popped up again, but the tulips were nowhere to be found. An Internet search suggested that some form of rodent (likely moles) ate them. It also suggested that they taste better than daffodil bulbs, which must account for the tulips being absent and the daffodils remaining. I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to replant tulip bulbs to feed whatever enjoyed eating them the first time, so we’ll simply enjoy the daffodils.


IMG_1496  IMG_1495 (3)

The previous owners planted a clematis vine by the mailbox and it sprouts up each spring reaching for the sky.  We added to the beauty by planting a purple flowering groundcover plant that I think is purple creeping phlox.  It arrives first, before the clematis vine flowers, but there is some overlap in the blooming.

mailbox - newly landscaped  IMG_0849 (2)  IMG_4879 (2)

IMG_4896Then, Lilies of the Valley appear in the back yard.  I have fond memories of picking them from our yard while I was growing up. My grandmother also had plants on the side of her house which had spread to make a lily forest.  As girls, the stalks were ours to harvest. In a space that large, the fragrance was strikingly lovely even before you rounded the corner of grandma’s house to see them.

One Mother’s Day I asked for some Lily of the Valley plants for our yard.  It takes a while for them to take hold and then produce blooms.  Last year I was very pleased to see that the plants under our deck had starting to spread. This year’s plants and blooming stalks were more plentiful than last year’s, and I hope next year’s will yield even more.

And then our attention is brought back to the front yard where some bushes have developed from small sprouts to full bushes that are now sporting buds.  Small glimpses of color start to be visible within some of the buds.  We wait and anticipate what we know will happen.

1 IMG_1583 (2)  2 Wait for it...IMG_1580

Wait for it….

4 Wait for it.... May 6

Wait for it….


Wait for it….

6 IMG_1584

THERE it is!

10 IMG_1631 (2)

I can’t wait for the rose bush to start blooming!

Special thanks to my personal photographer, Mr. Legs.

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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4 Responses to Bloomin’ Seasons

  1. What a beautiful post of renewal, hope and joy! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I loved the build up to the final explosion of colour! 😊. Such a shame about the tulips, they add such a splash of sunshine.

  2. I think I am part bee because I love seeing flowers around the abode. You r flowers look dandy!
    Hope you didn’t make “Mr. Legs” stand there all that time till the flowers blossomed.

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