Mother’s Day 2015


You gave me life.
And you have loved me
minute after minute,
hour after hour,
day after day,
month after month,
year after year,
from birth until now. 


20,283 days, 18 hours, and 30 minutes is a long time! 

You have kept loving me,
even when it was hard.
When I was unlovable,
you loved me even more.
You worked for my good.
You prayed for me.
You valued me,
as only a godly mother can.


 When I got married,
you loved my husband too.

 And then you loved my children.
Even when it’s hard,
you love them even more.
You work for their good.
You pray for them.
You value them,
as only a godly grandmother can.

  On this Mother’s Day,
my heart is overflowing
with love for you.
For everything you’ve given,
for everything you are….

 Thank you Mom.


IMG_2846 2012 (2)

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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5 Responses to Mother’s Day 2015

  1. Jo S says:

    You have blessed your Mother…………..I love you!

  2. Webster says:

    That was lovely, just like you and your Mom. ♥ ♥

  3. A very special post…like Mom. Thank you for sharing!

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