Pieces of Love – Part 1

It’s good to be informed, but watching too much world news can cast a shadow on everyday life.

When things seem dismal around the world or even just in my corner of the world, it’s nice to have good things to turn to.  I have shared with friends that when I feel overwhelmed by sadness, I subsequently feel a need to either watch cartoons or hold a baby – two things that surely make me smile.  There are other things that comfort me too.  Some of those are upbeat music, a cup of hot chocolate, a warm hug from someone who cares, pictures of family or any contact with them, and… things given to me by special people in my life.  Especially things that were handmade with love.

I started taking pictures of these gifts as I noticed them, and then I became more intentional about having a complete computer file of pictures of the special gifts I still have.  Mr. Legs did quite a bit of the photographing necessary.  Now, at the comfort of my computer desk, I have images of these pieces of love at my fingertips any time I want to view them.  I’d like to share some of them with you.

The gift I have that likely dates back the farthest is this doll cradle made by my dad.  Originally, my mom painted it white and added decals common to the year it was made.  I later painted it to match my décor.  It was probably more charming the way it first appeared.


This pink dish was given to me when I was a young girl by my grandmother, who was taking ceramics classes at the time and loved bears.

IMG_6249 IMG_6251

My mom and dad teamed up to make this advent calendar/activity for me while I was young.

Adent Calendar made by Dad (hung small ornaments on it)

In the box on the bottom were individually wrapped miniature ornaments, one for each day in December up until the 25th.  They were tacked to the tree in anticipation of Christmas Day and I had great fun with it.

My mom covered this strawberry basket with craft ribbon.

IMG_6532 (2)

Years ago, latch hooking was a craft craze.  My friend, Linda, made this pillow for me during our high school years:

Linda Lee5

Later, Linda took ceramics classes and I was the recipient of her creativity.

Linda Lee fall Linda Lee bunny

These pieces made by her are musical:

Linda Lee3 musical Linda Lee4

Even after her classes, her love of crafts spilled over onto me.

Linda Lee2 Linda Lee1

I  have a number of lovely Christmas ornaments given to me throughout the years.  These were made by my high school friend, Glenda:

IMG_4366  Glenda ornament-house noname

This one was made by Jennifer in Wisconsin,

Jennifer ornament

and this one by Mary in Texas.


These were handmade by my mom:

ornament angel mom made ornament made by mom

And these were made by kids in Sunday school classes I taught.  Morgan, Kira, Jake and Jonathon are remembered every Christmas when the tree is decorated.

ornament made by Morgan  ornament from Kira

ornament from Jake J  ornament made by Jonathan

This one was painted by my friend Vicky.

ornament made by Vicky

While I lived in Wisconsin, my friend Jennifer made these friendship pillows for me:

Jennifer stitched pillow  Jennifer small pillow

This framed stitchery was made by my friend Melissa when we both lived in Korea.

Melissa rainbow

Later, Melissa made and sent this scarf to me.


And this blanket too.

blanket made by Melissa

This Christmas pillow was made by my friend, Mary, while we lived here.

IMG_4527 (2)

Nancy put the pretty lace edge on this handkerchief.

IMG_4562 (2)

Janie made this wonderful artwork for me:

Janie  1

This afghan was made by my mom:

IMG_6446 (2)

And this one by an aunt for our 25th wedding anniversary:

Afghan made by Aunt Barb

My grandfather was an incredible wood carver, even later in his life.  He made this heart with a chain of five links for my family of five.

IMG_6422 (10 blurred)

He also made this Christmas card holder.

IMG_6500 (2) card tree

You can see that I am surrounded by talented and giving people.  I have been given many things that people took time to make with their hands.  When I look at these special gifts, I see more than the finished product, I see and feel the love woven, brushed or carved into each one.  As my hands touch what their hands made, I connect with the people I love; even with miles between us and even after some are gone from this earth.  No matter what is happening in the big world or in my little world, they are pieces of love that surround me and brighten my days.  And now, should fire, flood or other circumstances ever take the things from me, I have these pictures to help me remember them.


About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way. https://climbingdownhill.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Pieces of Love – Part 1

  1. I’m like you. I keep stuff that people have made for me. Careful, someone may report us to the TV show “Hoarders!”
    Cool that you have everything in photos as well. Very organized!

  2. What beautiful gifts you have been given; I cant help but think this says something about the kind of person you are too. Loving gifts are given to loving people xx

  3. That’s very kind of you to say. Thanks for taking the time to read about and look at them.

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