When you move with legs, your arms are free to hold and carry things. One of the frustrating things about using mobility equipment is that using it requires hands as well as or in place of feet.  That leaves your hands and arms unavailable to carry things.  So, while equipment helps you move forward, nothing you need goes with you.  So, where do you put the stuff you used to carry and still want, and often need, nearby?

You can choose to still carry a purse, but where will you hang it? And will you be able to reach it where it is hung?  I continued to carry a purse for quite awhile.  I had always used a large purse.  I remember catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror as I passed.  I was taken by surprise at what that big ol’ clunky purse looked like on my zippy little scooter.  I tried a smaller purse and it frequently fell off.   No matter the size of the purse, it still requires you to stop and rummage around in the inside to find what you need.  I began to look for other options.

Most walkers and scooters come with a metal mesh basket, but I find them awkward to reach.  I didn’t find much available on the market for wheelchair bags.   I did find some options for stroller caddies and ordered this one:



After using it awhile, I decided it would be handy to have more compartments, so I found the organizer below on ebay:  (The lighting on this picture makes it look old and faded – it is neither.)

1 IMG_6187 (2) 2 IMG_6189 (2)

My traditional pocketbook doesn’t quite fit in it my scooter bag, so I ordered this from ebay:


It’s 3″ x 4″ and fits very nicely.

Now, wherever I go in my scooter, I have with me: a notepad/paper, pen, lipstick, reading glasses and cleaner, Kleenex, bathroom necessities, nail file, pill holder, keys, Kleenex, phone, nail file, hand sanitizer, credit card size flashlight, lotion, etc.

3 IMG_6202 (2)

I’m all set!  Everything I need fits nicely in my attached bag where I can reach it.

3a IMG_6207

If you need a Kleenex or to borrow a pen, just ask me.




About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way. https://climbingdownhill.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Purseless

  1. This is really useful information, thank you! Since my right hand is now almost useless I stopped using a bag(purse) because I can no longer open it easily or indeed access it from my shoulder or wherever it is. So I have just started stuffing things into pockets which is just as bad really! Plus, I recently left a lipstick in the pocket of my jeans which were then washed; the lid came off and blobs of lipstick landed on a few of my husband’s shirts! I wasn’t very popular that day! So I will look for something like this to attach to my scooter, thank you!

  2. Golly, so organized!
    It is VERY difficult to carry something. Always seems I need to carry one more thing than I have room for. Thankful for cargo pants!

  3. And it’s cute to boot 🙂

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