Weather Forecast – Intermittent Thunderstorms

Water.  We need it to live.  It’s refreshing and satisfying.  It can vary in taste depending on its source – a freshwater spring, a faucet or wrapped in a bottle to preserve it’s safety and freshness.  Some say that even when stored in different bottles, it tastes different.  It cleans us, cools us, causes our food to grow.  In volume, it holds us and provides a place for  exercise and recreation.  Whether you want to surf or row or paddle or float or motor or cruise, it is a platform for movement and fun.  It is home for creatures of all sizes, from those too small to be seen by our eyes to those so big our eyes can hardly fathom their magnitude.  Many creatures living in it offer us sustenance.  It’s in us and outside of us and all around us.


From the plink of a drop falling to the gushing of a burst pipe to the roar of an ocean wave, water lets its presence known through sound.  The scent of an ocean and a fresh sprinkling rain in the spring alerts our sense of smell to water too.

The scientific element H2O takes many forms and has multiple personalities.  It can be a soft, calm morning fog, a gentle sprinkling rainshower, a joyful fountain, a peaceful babbling brook but also a stagnant pool, an angry stormy sea, a powerful waterfall, damaging flood waters or a dangerous riptide.  It can calm us, excite us, its buoyancy can free us and it’s force and power can scare or devastate us.  The form it is in and the location its in determines if it will lift us or crush us.


The unpredictability of water is often called weather.  Like the weather,  our lives are often unpredictable. The things we experience in life are like sunshine and rain, clouds and fog, blue skies and storms.  During the storms in our lives, we need something strong to hold onto.  Holding onto something solid doesn’t mean the waves won’t still crash against us, but it gives us hope and encouragement and a place to rest while the waves go wild around us.  This song is a great comfort to me during life’s storms.


By Scott Krippayne

All who sail the sea of faith find out before too long

How quickly blue skies can grow dark and gentle winds grow strong

Suddenly fear is like white water pounding on the soul

Still we sail on knowing that our God is in control

Sometimes he calms the storm with a whispered “peace be still”

He can settle any sea, but it doesn’t mean He will

Sometimes He holds us close and the wind and waves go wild

Sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child

He has a reason for each trial

That we pass through in life

And though we’re shaken we cannot be pulled apart from Christ

No matter how the driving rain beats down on those who hold to faith

A heart of trust will always be a quiet peaceful place

Sometimes He calms the storm with a whispered “peace be still”

He can settle any sea, but it doesn’t mean He will

Sometimes He holds us close and the wind and waves go wild

Sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child.


It is better to be with Christ in the storm than in smooth water without Him. Ps 118:8

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. John 1427

Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist. It is the trust that they will not last forever, that hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome. It is faith that a source of strength and renewal lies within to lead us through the dark to the sunshine.

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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