The Jeweled World of Janie – Part 2

My last post showed a collection of beautiful things made by the hands of my friend Janie.  In this post, her Christmas decorations will be showcased.

During the holidays, Janie and her husband replace the decorative covers on their pillows.  Off come the everyday covers and on go the Christmas ones.  The pillows sit on the sofas and brighten the room.  This is one of the festive holiday covers.  The second picture shows some of its border as it sits on the pillow.

DSCN1313 (2)  DSCN1313

Janie tats beautiful creations.

Description:  tat·ting /ˈtætɪŋ/ [tat-ing] noun – the act or process of making a kind of knotted lace of cotton or linen thread with a shuttle.

I was the happy recipient of one of these.  The picture was taken at an angle, but its symmetry is perfect.

img_4557 (2)

Janie tatted a number of them in different sizes and shapes and attached them to bright fabric as a pillow cover.  It is unique and fascinating.


Here are close-ups of two of the pieces. Her work is flawless.

DSCN1310  DSCN1311

Another removeable pillow cover reflects other work done.  Janie and her husband have been Bible translators for many years.  Janie stitched a Bible verse in our native English, and then followed that with the same verse in the three languages that they translated the Bible into, along with the name of each language.  Again, the second image shows some of its border.

DSCN1314 (3)  DSCN1314

Janie handcrafted a beautiful advent tree with cross-stitched pieces to hang on hooks, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas.

DSCN1300  DSCN1300 (2)

This lovely framed cross-stitched piece hangs on the wall at holiday time as a reminder that Jesus Christ came to earth as a man. It’s a picture of  a church amongst greenery and includes a scripture from the Bible’s book of Matthew.

DSCN1301 (2)

And hanging on their fireplace are two cross-stitched and sewn stockings.

DSCN1308  DSCN1302

The stitching on the stockings, as in most of Janie’s work, is intricate.

DSCN1307  DSCN1306

Janie wanted to have more room in the stockings than their size would allow, so she designed them to be expandable, complete with clever Velcro closures to use when not filled.

DSCN1304  DSCN1305

Janie has put countless hours into the masterpieces she has created.  They are beautiful things designed by a sharp artistic mind and woven together with capable hands.  Her patience and determination show in each finished product.  The works of art she made fill her home like sparkling jewels and surround those in it with warmth and love. I enjoy looking at them and hearing about them.  I hope you have now enjoyed them too and have an appreciation for Janie and the depth of her talent.

About Climbing Downhill

Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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3 Responses to The Jeweled World of Janie – Part 2

  1. My craft corner says:

    Beautiful creations here and I love the idea of making the stockings expandable to get more in 🙂 and i’m sure the children will agree 🙂 lol Thank you for a wonderful share.

  2. Both pist on Janie’s work are wonderful! What talent! Im in awe.

  3. Sorry that should say “posts”

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