Proof I Existed-Part 2 Germany

As I shared in a previous post, I led a different life with legs years ago.  Shortly after marrying, we spent some years in Germany and traveled within and around the country living adventures which seem action-packed compared to my life now. With joy for what I was once able to do, I’m sharing my experiences through pictures.

Here is a castle tower in Nurnberg, Germany near where we lived.

castle tower

We soaked in the atmosphere as we strolled along a walkway around the castle in Nurnberg.

17- Nuernberg Castle

Here we are along a city wall walkway.

18- Castle wall Nuernberg

We walked narrow roadways.

1984 June Rothenberg Germany

We saw the insides of many castles and were enamored by the guilted gold and crystal of palaces from floor to ceiling.


51- chandelier ceiling

Here is an awesome painted building in Germany.   This is in the city of Oberamagau where the Passion Play is performed every ten years and draws people from far and wide.  We were in the country during one of the years it was played and we were able to get tickets.

3- Beautiful painting on building

These adventures took place many years ago.  As history teaches, after World War II the country of Germany was divided in two parts from 1945 to almost 1990.  Neighbor was cut off from neighbor and relatives were denied access to each other if the wall happened to be built between them.    Here are pictures we took of the wall in the German countryside.

wall  1984 May German border 1984 May West-East Germany

The huge city of Berlin in Germany was divided in two just as the country was.   Here is the wall separating West Berlin and East Berlin.


Between West Berlin and East Berlin was a gate called Checkpoint Charlie where people were allowed to cross legally from the west to the east part of the city.  With another couple, we crossed the border.  Three of the four in our group were American military and were allowed to simply walk across in uniform.  I, on the other hand as a civilian, went through a line of checkpoints in the building shown on the left where I and my bag were checked numerous times.


This is Brandenberg Gate that was on the east side of the city of Berlin, but represented where the two parts of the city met.   Wikipedia says the following:  “During the post-war Partition of Germany, the gate was isolated and inaccessible immediately next to the Berlin Wall, and the area around the gate featured most prominently in the media coverage of the opening of the wall in 1989.  Throughout its existence, the Brandenburg Gate was often a site for major historical events and is today considered a symbol of the tumultuous history of Europe and Germany, but also of European unity and peace.”

b gate

As a comparison, here is what it looks like today… (


On the drive through the country from where we lived to the home of some friends, we passed this beautiful field of flowers.


One friend, upon seeing the flowers, often voiced the identifying name as it was spoken by the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz- “poppeeeees”.  Here are the poppies closer.


…and closer…


…and closest….


This is a field of hops in Germany. Hops is used to make beer and it climbs up tall slanted poles as it grows.  It is artistically gardened.


Hops closer.


We saw the olympic grounds in Munich, Germany. Mr. Legs did a marathon there and swam in the impressive pool afterwards.

olympicMunich olympic pool

We drove past this decoratively cut and stacked wood along the German countryside.


Other sites we saw included the Eagles Nest in Berchtesgarten, where Hitler retreated and ended his life.  We went on a fun tour of the  salt mines near there.  We were horrified by the sight of ovens that once baked bones of Jewish people in Dauchau.  We experienced the atmosphere and food of another era as we pretended to be part of medieval banquets.  We celebrated life in fest tents toasting with people from quaint villages and those from all corners of the world at Oktoberfest in Munich.  There were countless sights and sounds we absorbed amidst our day-to-day schedules.  It was a busy and wonderful time in our young lives.  I’m very grateful for all of the travel we were able to do, the people we were able to meet and the things we learned.  Priceless things make one rich.

More to come.

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Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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2 Responses to Proof I Existed-Part 2 Germany

  1. Catherine says:

    Terrific post! As I read, I felt as if I was taken on a personal tour of Germany. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories and ventures! Happy New Year!

  2. Wow, I love this post. As you noted, we were in Europe at the same time. I have lots of photos of the Berlin Wall. Maybe we were both in Munich drinking beer at the Hofbrauhaus at the same time . . . who knows? I love the way you write about your reflections of your able-bodied and youthful self.

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