A Hobby Gone Wild – Part 3

As I explored another side of the family through pictures, some individuals might only be characterized as characters to others, but to me they are family, so I find their possible oddities charming in a historic way.

I had a copy of this picture for awhile but didn’t realize, until I saw another one like it from my aunt’s house, that this is not only my great grandparents but it is their wedding picture.  A happy discovery.

10a- Nina and Hugh Vredenburg-wedding picture

This photo of my relatives Myrtle and Guy bears a slight resemblance to the famous picture next to it.

16e- Myrtle and Guy Vredenburg  american-gothic

This is my maternal grandfather with three sisters, before his younger brother was born.  I love the hats.

25- Ivy Vredenburg Boetcher Arthur Vredenburg Freda Vredenburg Matthews Viola Vredenburg Gehling

Here is the same grandfather older in a boy scout uniform.  And then a little older still in the picture next to it.

32- Arthur V as boy scout 12 yrs 3  36- Arthur V in scout uniform on bike

My maternal grandmother is at the back and middle of this group of schoolchildren.  Her brother is on her left, at our back right.

38e- Dorothy - back middle and brother Art on her left

This is my maternal grandparents, newly married and then years later.  They celebrated 70 years of marriage together before my grandpa passed.

1d- 21- 1992 arthur and dorothy vredenburg (3)

My Grandma and Grandpa knew how to have fun, especially when it involved wearing hats.

18c- cute couple 28-  Pilgrim Dorothy and Indian Art 33 36- July 4, 2003 Arthur and Dorothy

Going back in time, here they are with their first-born, my mother.

57a- Art JoAnne Dorothy

These cute little girls are my aunt and my mother.

66- Rhoda and JoAnne Vredenburg cropped

My great aunt and uncle decided to add on to their house, both up and down.  To create a basement for their home, they lifted their house and put it on blocks.  Here is a picture during the project.

24- Freda Matthews - they lifed the house up on blocks to add a basement

Thanks for viewing these favorites of mine.

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