Remodel Recap

One of the reasons this blog was started was to share my experience in remodeling for accessibility.  Because they were some of my first posts, they are now rather buried.  In an attempt to resurrect them, I am posting a general list of what was done and where to find more information.


Door from garage to kitchen was moved from middle of garage to corner to accommodate an electric porch lift.  Platform and stairs built.  Electric lift put in.  RESULT:  Wheelchair access into house.


Laundry room and Pantry were eliminated.  Laundry closet built.  Pantry included in new kitchen cabinetry.  RESULT:  More room in kitchen. More efficient laundry area – actually more storage as a closet than there was in the room.


Rerouting water:


Both hallways widened 4 inches.  RESULT:  Room for wheelchair to maneuver to other areas of the house.

Adams wall gone2 - 25Sept10

Bedroom #2 – Poorly designed closet removed (which meant gaining a foot in both kitchen and bedroom #2.  Old Master bath redesigned to make single sink bath and new closet.  RESULT:  Bedroom #2 now has private full bath and new closet with easier access.

Jason's room3, 8-28-10

Bedroom #1 – Lost only 4 inches when hallway was widened.  Closet was removed from jutting out into living room.  Closet relocated (one of master bedroom closets now opens on other side).  RESULT:  Easier access to closet.  Living room gained 2 feet and has more normal shape.

Adams wall gone - 25Sept10

Addition was built.

9-20 evening1  Walls poured3 - Sept 16, 20109-21 5 Cement truck in the yard- Sept 23, 2010 IMG_3286 Addition roof3 - Sept 28, 2010

and the following changes were made:

1. Master bedroom – Closed off old master bathroom.  Added new 10’ x 12’ master bath with roll-in shower and plenty of room to maneuver with wheelchair.  Closed off one closet, extended the other by 10’ resulting in a total length of 16’.  RESULT:  Fully accessible master bathroom and closet with easy-to-reach rods and shelves.

New closets start, from window - Nov 11, 2010

2. Work Room – 10’ x 16’ Room with double door entry from back yard.  Used some of old kitchen cabinets for storage.  Has window and running water.

Work room, doors - 17Nov10

As you can see, our house was turned upside down for awhile.  The project took about five months to complete.  We and our son took turns sleeping downstairs, depending on what phase the remodel was in.  Still loving the results two years later!

See Garage-House Remodel category for floor plans, posts with full descriptions and more pictures.

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2 Responses to Remodel Recap

  1. Muff says:

    Wow, that was really an extensive remodel! Are you finished now? Any “after” photos? Thanks for the info!

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