Kitchen Dresser – Before and After

My Dad was a handy guy who built homes, and recycled before it was cool.  He always kept the Formica cutouts from kitchen sinks and used them to make furniture.  When my sister and I were young, he made a dresser and shelves for our bedroom out of scrap wood and used a pink Formica cutout for the top of the dresser.  We used it for many years in our shared bedroom, and when we moved to a new house it was painted pink for my bedroom.  Later it was painted yellow and white, and it made its way to an apartment I had where I covered the pink top with a decorative towel.  When I married and moved overseas, back to Mom’s it went.  She used it in her garage for a number of years.   A couple of years ago, it traveled across state lines to my present house and survived another transformation.  It was cleaned and painted (Fusion spray paint to cover the Formica top and drawer knobs and regular brush-on paint for the rest).  Mr. Legs followed directions extremely well and the end product was exactly as I envisioned it.


chest  shelves 001 (3)


IMG_4154IMG_4151 (2)

It looks pretty good in our remodeled kitchen.


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