Sidewalk and Deck

Two years before our major remodel, we had a sidewalk put in and expanded the deck.  This provided access to the walk-out basement.

The yard has a small retaining wall that had to be considered when putting in the sidewalk, along with the grade of the yard.  Since the sidewalk would be a distance from what was the end of the current deck, we decided to have the deck expanded to meet it, which  doubled the size of the deck.

Sidewalk6 - Sept 30, 2008Sidewalk done4 - Oct 5, 2008

Ready for pouring.

Sidewalk3 - Sept 30, 2008

To accommodate the sidewalk, the downspout flow was rerouted by piping it under where the sidewalk would be poured. See the downspout route and drain put in place so water/ice wouldn’t accumulate on the concrete.  Also note bump out for wheelchair turns.

Sidewalk done2 - Oct 5, 2008 Sidewalk done1 - Oct 5, 2008 Sidewalk - Oct 22, 2008

Nice rounded corners.

Sidewalk done2 - Oct 5, 2008 Sidewalk - Oct 20, 2008


Deck before4 - Oct 5, 2008Deck before3 - Oct 5, 2008


Deck4 - Oct 20, 2008 Deck - Oct 22, 2008 Deck6 - Oct 20, 2008 Deck6 - Oct 22, 2008

new deck upper1 (2)

So happy I requested a gate at the top of the stairs to contain small children and pets.

new deck stairs and gate

When the inspector came, the code had been changed for rail height, so we added a bar to make it higher.


The rail addition did NOT work as the sun/heat made it bow.

I asked them to build me a planter to grow lilies of the valley plants in the shade of the stairs.

new deck planter under stairs


IMG_1658  IMG_1661 - Copy

Entrance to walk out basement:

back door access

Result:  Clean and smooth path to the lower level and a large deck to enjoy.

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Wife and mother of grown kids, in my 60's and dealing with MS, making life's moments count and trying to offer something of value to others along the way.
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