KITCHEN – Positives and Potholes



–  Under cabinet lights – Happy with the kind and the “look” when lit.  Wish we had specified EXACTLY where we wanted them to make sure they were symmetrical

IMG_3406 IMG_3413

–  Dimmer switches

–  Can lights, but wish they were bigger

31 DURING - kitchen

–  Lighted cubbies near ceiling.  I had seen something like this online and adapted the idea to use in my design – they break up the cabinets that reach to the ceiling, adding light and offering an area for display.



–  Love the Color – it took 3 tries to get exactly the shade I wanted. I’m glad cabinet maker and I were both patient.

–  It took us awhile to decide if we wanted the cabinet over fridge to be the same depth as other upper cabinets or to come out to meet the front of the fridge.  We chose the latter and are very happy with the huge amount of storage there!

Cabinet above fridge

–  The pull-out cabinet for trash and recycling is very handy and it’s so nice to have those out-of-sight.

–  Have pull out cutting boards under microwave and next to oven – love them, but would prefer they were other than wood as I won’t use them for meat.  They are also really thick and take up more room than I wish they did. (Also shown in previous post.)

Cutting board next to oven Cutting board under microwave

–  We chose to have cabinets go all the way to the ceiling for storage; and really like the lighted cubbies we have, but the way they were made isn’t space efficient.  Unfortunately, the cabinet maker didn’t understand completely and separated the cabinet underneath that area too, thereby affording less space in those cabinets because there’s a wall dividing the shelves instead of longer shelves. Ask about details when ordering something unusual/custom.

unexpected divider

–  Vertical storage for cookie sheets

Vertical storage in base cabinet

–  The outlet I requested at the end of the cabinets is something we use a lot.


–  Rolling cart from JCPenney for $250 was a great option for an island. We like being able to move it elsewhere (keep in mind you can’t hook up electrical when its moveable).  I am happy with the model we chose that has a cabinet wide enough to store our griddle, etc.


–  If space had permitted, I would have liked deeper and wider drawers.

–  Wanted a upper corner cabinet with glass front, but it wouldn’t work.  Didn’t want the expense of custom cabinetry for extra storage – instead I bought a used china cabinet, had husband paint it and put glassware in it (see Before and After-Kitchen Cabinet). Also painted an old dresser for linen storage and displaying items (see Before and After-Kitchen Dresser).

–  Would have liked a floor-to-ceiling pull-out spice cabinet next to fridge, but not enough room. Also considered  lower pull-out spice cabinet.  Thought about the effect of heat on spices in both areas.

–  Mr. Legs found a closeout black composite granite sink that I’m crazy about.


–  Pantry – tall with pull-out shelves – so worth the cost. (Also shown in previous post.)


–  Our potfiller over the stove is awesome.  They are pricey, but I found a good deal online at ebay. (See picture in previous post.)

–  I’m crazy about the color of our floor and backsplash tile – not too dark and not too light, so it usually looks clean.

Floor tile   Backsplash Backsplash at angle 2 Tile work

–  Glad we went with laminate countertops – didn’t want the maintenance of granite or the price of corian.  I like the easy maintenance and bumped edges that keep things like eggs from rolling off.

formica countertop Closeup of countertop

–  We paid more for drawer hardware that allowed them to be pulled all the way out and that makes accessing everything in the back super easy.

IMG_2289 Extended drawer

–  Happy with our window treatments, including fabric accordion thermal shades.

–  Lazy susans – chose two upper and two lower for the corners.  Uppers have a variety of things.  The right one holds most everything needed for prep work.  Because the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, there is a lot of room in the cupboards.

Upper lazy susan

The lower left is plastic and holds appliances, pans, pots and cookware.

Plastic lazzy susan

The lower right holds gadgets on the top and plastic containers on the bottom.  Getting the place for gadgets user-friendly was tricky and even though I had it redone, it would be better if it was 2 inches lower.

Lower lazy susan with wallsGadget storage in lazy susan

–  There weren’t a lot of options for placement of the disposal switch, but the contractor was creative and put it on the slide-out cabinet door.


–  I’m glad I asked for a shelf near the floor under the sink.


Overall, many more positives than potholes.

Keep reading to see more of our remodel.

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