REMODEL – Kitchen, More Before and After Pictures

The pantry was a good size, but ridiculous to access anything far left or right because there was only one door in the middle.  I used plastic bins to store food so things could be moved easily, but it was still a pain to reach things.

10 BEFORE - pantry

The new pantry, with upper shelves and four pull-out lower shelves holds more and its a breeze to grab what we want.

19 AFTER so handy

This is our old desk area.

22 BEFORE - desk in kitchen

And here is the new with its better use of space.  The cart under the desk is on wheels and can be moved.  It has a pull-out work surface and lots of storage inside.

25 AFTER desk in use

The old laundry room wasn’t a good use of space.

7 BEFORE - laundry rm

The new laundry closet uses half the space, but has double the storage.


The old kitchen layout had three corner cabinets where items were extremely difficult to reach, didn’t easily accommodate more than one person and the sink faced a wall.

29 BEFORE - kitchen from table

We switched the stove and sink, planned custom cabinets with easy-access lazy susans in the corners and utilized the space up to the ceiling.

31 DURING - kitchen

The cart has extra storage and can be moved anywhere to make room for multiple cooks, can serve as a buffet table for company or be used as an extra work surface.

33 AFTER - kitchen prep area

Read the next post to see our wall window.

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