REMODEL – Kitchen, Before and After Pictures

The kitchen was the most time consuming part of our remodel, but the most striking change, both aesthetically and practically.

Here are some before and after pictures.

13 BEFORE - kitchen from deck door  13b AFTER - kitchen from deck door - Copy

The cupboard doors under the sink open out and slide in so I can sit at the sink on a stool or in a wheelchair.

IMG_1936  IMG_1938

The next photos show cutting boards which I can easily use as work surfaces from a stool or wheelchair.  They also serve as resting places under the microwave and next to the stove/oven.

Cutting board under microwave  Cutting board next to oven

The next photo shows a desk in the kitchen.  I use it for our computer and everyday office, but it could also be used as a lower prep area from a wheelchair.  There is a cabinet on one side of it, but it is on wheels and can be removed if more space is needed underneath.  It also acts as very convenient work space for the desk.


22 BEFORE - desk in kitchen24 AFTER - new kitchen desk

The sink and oven switched places in our remodel.  Since there was already water available behind the stove, I had them install a pot filler that I found online at a very reasonable price.  It’s higher than I expected, but I can use it to fill a pot with water so I don’t have to carry a heavy pot from the sink to the stove.

Potfiller against wall Potfiller extended

I ordered a cart from JCPenneys.  It gives us extra storage and a large work surface when the side is up. It is on wheels but has brakes.  It gives me something to hang onto when moving around the kitchen as I walk.  When I’m confined to a chair, it can be moved to a number of different places in the kitchen, still offering the same storage and work space.


We had a heavy sliding glass door leading to the deck from the kitchen.  We had it replaced with a new wider, easier to open door.  We had them put a matching window panel next to the door to keep the amount of light that came into the room from that area.




11-18-10 New door to deck1


IMG_3415 IMG_3407

Read the next post for more pictures.

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