REMODEL – Garage Entrance

Goal:  To get in and out of the house on wheels.


Door from garage to kitchen was moved from the middle of the garage wall to a corner (not a small alteration).  Platform and stairs were built by contractor.  Electric lift put in by mobility company.  RESULT:  Wheelchair access into house from garage.


IMG_2888IMG_2890 (2)

DURING:  New door created and old doorway closed.

IMG_1690 IMG_1691

Landing, Day 7, 8-31-10



Adding the lift took precious space from our two-car garage, but part of the remodel included a workroom under the new master bathroom, so some items were relocated there.  The space needed for the lift motor to stand between the wall and the lift required the lift itself (and therefore the platform) to be further from the wall than originally planned for.  That space was used wisely both inside and outside the door.  We happened to have a bookshelf not in use at the time, and former kitchen cabinets from the remodel – both were relocated at the top of the platform where they gave us extra storage.

IMG_4686IMG_4680 IMG_4688

The Contractor made a point of making the entry as flush/level as possible for comfort.

You can see a cane hanging on the bookshelf.  I use it to pull the lift door open which prevents me having to maneuver forward and backward to open and clear the door to the lift.

We asked our contractor to make a door under the lift so the space could be accessed and used.  We keep paint cans there since they take up room but  rarely need to be used.


RESULT – Easy access to house.

Words of caution – make sure you know the dimensions of your scooter or wheelchair and ensure the lift is big enough.  My wheelchair fits in the lift with a foot plate, but not with leg extenders.

A later post about this lift can be viewed here.

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